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Pleasant Hill Church & Brown Cemetery

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Site of former Pleasant Hill A.M.E. Church

Former A.M.E. Church Site


Early Religion in Meigs Township

Pleasant Hill Church

In 1824 Rev. Mordecai Bishop formed a Bible study class at the Lazarus Marshall farm in Meigs Township.

Those who attended were; Lazarus & Mary Marshall, James & Mary Mitchell, James & Mary Deborah Guy, William & Mary Guy, Mr. & Mrs. David Blackburn,
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Ginn and Elizabeth Blackburn. Mr. Arthur Ginn was the leader of this class.

The society met in private homes until 1836 when soon thereafter a hewed log church was built on "section 24" and was called Wesley Chapel.

The society grew but eventually "vile self got in" and some of the white members complained about worshipping in the same building as the colored
members. They voiced particular concern over taking the Eucharist (Communion) at the same table as the colored members!

Dissatisfaction and friction grew from these complaints and thereafter "for the sake of peace" 23 colored members of the church withdrew in 1843.

This group thereafter constructed a 24 X 30 hewed log church on "section 23" for themselves which stood until it was burned to the ground in April
of 1857. Another wooden frame church was built on the same ground and was called "Pleasant Hill" Church.
  It has not yet been determined at this time what happened to former Pleasant Hill Church.

Brown Cemetery at Pleasant Hill


Mary Brown Tombstone (Enhanced)

Betsey Lett Tombstone

L.M. Guy

Cemetery Condition