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Lett Settlement Marker!

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The Lett Settlement Marker

Congratulations to the Lett Settlement Families! The Lett Settlement Marker at ‘theWilds” is a reality. In my view, the Lett Settlement Marker is one of the most significant markers in then state of Ohio that accurately depicts early African American settlement in Ohio.

There were several major factors that contributed to this:

First and foremost it was the tremendous legacy left by our ancestors who struggled to overcome adversity while laying the foundation of opportunity and freedom for their families and other African Americans.

Next was the family research, preserved and passed on by family historians Charles Henry Lett, Wilbur Norman, Robert Lett, Rosemary Clifford McDaniel, Peter Byrd, Charles Wieker, Jimmy Lett, Henry Robert Burke and many others who provided the documentation so the Ohio Historical Society could approve and authenticate the history of the Lett Settlement.

Finally there was the cooperation of Ohio State Senator Joy Padgett; Muskingum County Commissioner Dorothy Montgomery; Belpre Historical president Nancy Sams; the Ohio Historical Society Staff Todd Kleismit and Bonny Such; and last but by no means least, was the Wilds Staff - Toni Keller, Robert McBurney and Dr. Evan Blumer!

Henry Robert Burke, Southeastern Ohio Historian and Lett Settlement Families Reunions Planning Committee. - Phone: 740-373-0218.

Robert Lett, Chairman Lett Settlement Families Reunion. lettrl@hotmail,com - Phone 525-799-0654.

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